In it for the long run

Over the past year, the Team Long Run organization had gone from very early stages in their programming to major national expansions. Their old identity was useful in gaining their initial following, but they needed something that would appeal to a broader audience, while mainly targeting adolescents. In TLR's sphere, gaining someone's attention is both competitive and incredibly valuable. In my research, I ran some competitive analysis on similar organizations to get a baseline to refer back to. To standout, I created a more vibrant color palette and bolder typographic treatment. The identity needed to cover several mediums, so a strong mark and distinctive color palette were necessary.


+ Identity Rebrand

+ Brand Strategy

+ Swag + apparel

+ Print Collateral

"Kim’s design work for us has been just right. She’s visually answered branding questions we didn’t even know we had. She captures the fun in our work in a way that appeals to kids, parents, and professional educators. That’s not easy. She’s very easy to work with, too, managing to finish ahead of schedule and below our budget on each project… also no easy feat."

Chuck Wilcoxen
CEO, Team Long Run


bridgton community center

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